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Can All People be: ‘a Little Autistic’?

A lot of people have told me they are “a little autistic”. It’s usually when I’m losing my mask of “normalcy” because of a change, a sensory overload, or from socializing. I’m reaching out for help by disclosing my autism to a person I’ve deemed safe to help me find a place to regulate and get my mask back on before I really start melting down.

Then they say – they are a little autistic too, or – isn’t everyone a little autistic?

And, I know I’ve been completely misunderstood… again.

Can all people be ‘a little autistic’?

A couple of questions first…

Is a person who wears glasses – a little bit blind? No, and hopefully not ever.

Is a person who broke their leg(s) – a little bit paralyzed? No, it’s temporary until it heals.

Is a person who wears hearing aids – a little bit deaf? Nope.

Is a person who is bothered by a change in their schedule, is shy around strangers, likes quiet, has a favorite sweater, and/or has a hobby they enjoy – a little bit autistic?

Here’s the key – were they born with an autistic brain? That matters… a lot.

No? Then they are not even minutely autistic.

Yes? Yep. It takes an autistic brain to be autistic. Period.

So, whenever that idea is presented to autistic people… start asking a couple of questions first!


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