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My alarm goes off. As my mind transitions from sleeping to waking up, I wonder what day it is. Oh, yeah, it’s today. It’s always today now. There’s no schedule to discern one day from the next anymore. It’s the spring of 2020 and the whole world changed just a couple of weeks ago.

Then, I start to remember. This today is going to be a great day! Things are really going to get exciting! I had decided the night before to shake things up a bit and have my coffee in the living room by the window instead of at the kitchen table. I hurry to get up. I wonder what I’ll see! Maybe a bird or a squirrel if I’m lucky. If not, that’s ok, there are trees outside my window and I can see the road.

After that, I’m going to have my breakfast before I shower. I chuckle to myself at how creative I am today. Now, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’m also going to listen to music while I have breakfast instead of reading the news. Yes! I’m getting wild and crazy!

Now, rush hour is about to begin. Soon, there will be three people awake in the house instead of just me. I have it all planned out though. I take a deep breath and get ready for the crowd. My boys greet me as they wander out of their rooms. I greet them back and we exchange pleasantries about all that’s happened since we saw each other last.

“I slept pretty good,” said one son.

“I slept ok,” said the other.

The riveting conversation suddenly veers off into a new direction as they ask what’s for breakfast. Oh! I can hardly keep up! I think to myself how lucky I am to have sons who know how to keep a conversation from lagging.

They don’t know it yet, but I have a surprise for them! I tell them to sit down as I explain the twist to their day. The son who had school in the living room yesterday is going to move to the kitchen today and visa versa. They don’t know how to take the news at first, but soon warm up to the idea. They laugh as they see the humor of the situation and my cleverness at ensuring their lives stay fresh and exciting as one day melts into the next.

After school I have more plot twists to our day. Instead of the boys playing video games while I work, today we are all… drum roll please – playing board games!

Ok, well, that was fun.

I try to see the humor wherever I can and not take life too seriously.

Unfortunately, life is pretty serious right now though. There are lives at stake and it’s important for everyone to do their part.

While I appreciate, think about, and pray for all the nurses, doctors, first responders, retail employees, delivery people, and many others who are part of the skeleton crew keeping the world limping along… I accept that my family must do their part as well.

We have a very important job.

The part we play in the fight against Covid-19 requires long hours, is somewhat tedious, yet is very important.

We. Stay. Home.

Yes, that’s what we do. We stay home, get bored, and find the weirdest things amusing after a while. Please, if you’re not one of the skeleton crew keeping our world limping along… stay home too. We’re all in this together.


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